Brand Buzz: Bringing Holiday Cheer To Your Brand

Holiday Cheer Brand

I don’t know about your company, but it’s an annual tradition over at the RUSSO office to be completely slammed right before holidays. Our fourth quarter is typically packed with daylong meeting marathons and late nights at the office. It’s just kind of the nature of our industry to be a little relaxed in the summertime and the super busy though fall and winter. And that means by the time Christmas rolls around, we’re still barreling forward with our heads down — which makes it easy for us to forget about our own brand.

We’re a little different from other businesses because we’re a B2B company that specializes in improving other businesses. Which means we’re always focused on others. Our clients are our “customers,” in a sense. But even in the hustle and bustle of the fourth quarter frenzy, we try really hard to carve out some time to think about and plan our holiday efforts. Since we know we’re going to be busiest in the November, we start tossing out ideas for the RUSSO Christmas card or social media plan as early as August. And we suggest our clients do the same.

No matter who you are, there’s enough going on in November and December to keep busy. So when it comes to your business, ALWAYS plan ahead for the holiday season. Set aside a meeting or two in early fall to discuss what you’re going to do. Are you going to offer holiday specials? Are you going to send out gifts to clients/customers? Talk Xmas strategy and do the work early.

It might be as simple as creating and sending out Christmas cards or it might involve a full-blown holiday marketing campaign. This is the perfect time of year to tailor your marketing towards a different message. If you’re all about “image, image, image” all year, change that up in the fourth quarter and say something different; something spirited. If you’re placing media, be sure that your media has a heartfelt, cheerful tone.

Even though we’re past the “early planning” window, it isn’t too late to strategize about your holiday game plan. Get your team together [and call your marketing agency] and throw around some ideas.

The bottom line: Right now is the perfect time of year is to make your brand feel more human and soulful. You can reach people on an emotional level easier during the holiday season because they’re more receptive to it. So market from the brain with a message from the heart.

Brand Buzz: Branding With A Human Touch


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