Brand Buzz: Does Your Corporate Culture Need A Rebrand?

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I would venture to say that most businesses put customer/client satisfaction as their number one priority. Now, there’s nothing wrong with priding yourself on your great customer service — it’s conventional and it doesn’t really differentiate your brand — but it can create loyal advocates. And that’s wonderful. But there’s more to having a successful brand than providing quality service for customers. And companies that completely fixate on the making clients happy can sometimes neglect the happiness of their own employees. [Continue reading]

Brand Buzz: Don’t Marry Your Messaging

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This might sound contradictory to everything we stand for, but just stick with me and I’ll explain myself. Okay, here goes: Your one, true message can change. And at some point, it probably should.

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Risky Business


Back in 2011, the CDC tapped into the country’s [then current] love affair of anything zombie with a Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness Kit campaign. It also helped that the CDC was a central plot devise in AMC’s The Walking Dead. The goal of the … [Continue reading]



A landscape of ad-filled social networking sites have finally led to the creation of something new — and to many, it feels like the Promised Land of social media (if there is such a thing). Introducing Ello. The “simple, beautiful, and ad-free … [Continue reading]